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Latest Audiobook Narration:
Anno Amagium
  By Hank Whitson

Episode's 1-20 Available now
Link: Anno Amagium.
Anno Amagium_01.png

An incredible tale with wonderful characters! Follow the exploits of The Keepers. Officers who are tasked with keeping the law in a world where everyone is born with magic, but not all are licensed to use it. It's Blade runner meets Harry Potter in this exciting and thoroughly enjoyable story.

Featured Voice!

Being selected as the voice over artist for this incredible trailer for Lineage -W gave me goose bumps. Definitely one of my favorite VO jobs to date!


Recent Releases

- Death Comes But Once -

By Eric Thompson

The first installment of a thrilling seven-book military-science-fiction series. It follows the exploits of two Naval intelligence officers as they try to silence a group bent on taking over the known universe.

Latest Voices

And News

January 2024!
2023 ended with a bang! That is, one of the characters I voiced got shot! Well, they usually get shot, or run-through, or run over lol!
2023 RECAP
I got to do quite a bit of voice work for one of my favorite video game producers, The G'ag Productions. New work on Blade & Soul, reprising my role as Bunyang. Several characters to continue the saga for the game Lineage-W. Ten radio spots for SWBC. And below is a regional radio spot for the D. C. Metro Area. It really hits close to home (pun totally intended)!




    -Video Game Characters-


Huo - A Chinese shape-shifter who becomes a dragon. His honor is most important to him.




Jacob Lobber - A necromancer collecting ancient artifacts to remain immortal.




Cedric Blake - A WWII villian bent on ruling the world. He poses as a member of the British Parliment.




Myth's of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies

-Gideon the Leprechaun-

He's obsessed with his gold, but is fiercely loyal.

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