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Whenever I find myself going  from, "letting something out of my system" to full-on complaining, I stop myself and think of how blessed and fortunate I am to have this wonderful, amazing family. I love being a voice actor with a fierce passion; and yet  somehow my wife and sons make me enjoy it even more. I'm smiling, even as I write this.


Well, in case you need a bit more, here's a blurb about my work; and it's told in the third-person to give it even more credibility! 

Over the past several years Dan has appeared in numerous spots for radio, television and the internet. He has worked with All-State, Sprint PCS, Mountain Dew and many more. His unique ability to mimic existing characters and celebrities has landed him diverse voice match work ranging from Charlie Sheen to Morgan Freeman.


In 2008 Dan was cast as the first American voice actor for the Korean video game company, Nexon. Over the past several years Dan has been the flagship voice of the company; appearing in such titles as Mabinogi, Maple Story, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, Dungeon Fighter Online and Atlantica. In total he has voiced nearly 100 characters for Nexon- and over 2000 characters for over 30 titles!


Dan has studied voice over with the esteemed Pat Fraley, Marc Cashman, Tony Oliver, The Voice Doctor, and Elaine Clarke; as well as scene-study with Cliff Osmond and Doug Warhit.


In late 2012 Dan’s voice over career took an unexpected turn into book narration. His first audition landed him the job of narrating The Psychology of Twilight, a psychological look at the wide-spread obsession of the Twilight saga created by Stephanie Meyer.  Over 100 audiobook narrations have followed and show no signs of slowing down.

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