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"Working with Dan [Lawson] is such a unique experience. He can do so many characters and accents and so rapidly, that it's like bringing in six different people!" 

                                                      -Woody Pak, owner,

                                                        Chaos Theory Music

Gideon the Leprechaun

The latest...

...and some favorites!

The Magician

Dead Reckoning 3

The Magician is a master illusionist and a slippery character.

MOTW: Of Fiends and Fairies

My first character for Eipix games.

It's still one of my favs.

Video Game Characters are one of my favorite voice over mediums! They combine the emotional connection and character development of conventional acting, with the subtle (and not so sublte) inflections of animation. I've had the distinct pleasure to voice over 2,000 characters for over 50 different titles!


MOTW 6:Heart of Desolation

Huo is a shape-shifter trying to stop the destruction of the world.

Video Game Cut Scenes

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